My first sponsor died of pneumonia exacerbated by AIDS. She was a Mexican woman suffering from addiction so racists like Reagan didn’t GAF about her. She took me in when I showed up to a NA meeting bruised all over from the white man I was dating beating me up and calling me
“Nig*er” repeatedly. He threw my stuff in the shower and spit on me several times. He got arrested that night & the police released him. I had nowhere to go and she helped get me into Treatment. The only place that would take me was a busted down facility in Holly that warehoused
Medicaid patients for 45 days. She came to visit me all the time and made sure I was introduced to recovery bc she knew they would just dump me off when my 45 days were up w/ no concern for what I would do afterwards. I’ll never forget her helping me clean up and she fed me that
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