Read some bullshit on TL.

Birth is decided by karma of previous birth and that birth decide verna

Let's just look into flaws in this believe because I won't call it a theory.
There is concept of birth based on karma in previous birth. I won't talk about bullshit is iss main uski kya galti ki iss janam main saza mil rahi.

I will use simple logic, science and this rebirth concept it's self.
when a person die. Either he get moksha or take rebirth based on karma.

Consider 1000 people died, souls of 100 got moksha, 900 take rebirth based on Karma.

How come human population is constantly Increasing ? If each time no of souls returning to earth is decreasing ?
Another concept. After 8.4 million rebirths a soul takes human form. Very well ,may be those souls coming from animals and birds dying.

But have they taken all other 8.4 rebirths also math doesn't add up, unless their a soul factory in heaven and God is doing over time.
So anyone who has even read till class 10 science this will look such a crap.

Concept of rebirth was introduced only to justify, keep money power , and misery by communities. Also to convince ppl in misery, keep doing n obeying these rules , u ll get your reward in next birth
And if you don't find anything wrong in it.. you are just a mental slave who has lost his logics, reasoning and a blind religious bigot.
if this birth is decided by karma in P birth. Then those who born as K2va, are they paying for bad karma or rewarded 4 good ?

Technically a hindu is getting killed and a K2va is being born.

Because % population of hindus is declining and % population of K2va in Increasing
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