"If xyz can chant mantras why can't abc?"

This question can be asked only by people ignorant of the basics or atheists.

They think mantra chanting is an end to itself. They don't know why mantras are chanted. Why it's important to have proper diksha and pronounciation. +
+ or why the person chanting mantras is required to be in a state of ritual purity.

They don't even know what a mantra is and what it represents. They think it's some basic skills you can learn off YouTube like coding python.
Ignorant of the basics,

unable to answer simple questions,

Neo Hindus hold on to their only trope of "equality" and label those they dislike as "CASTEIST!!!"

But we can't blame them entirely as Indian education system is crap and the opposition propaganda too strong.
Educate yourself by reading this brilliant thread on the basics of Mantras. https://twitter.com/GhorAngirasa/status/1255096438125522944?s=19
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