Men will be like "I still hit tho." and turns out it's r*pe.
Men are dumb so I'll spell it out. A lot of men will force (coercion is force too) women to fuck them and then tell everyone they fucked "I still hit" but it's actually rape. And rape isn't sex.
Sex is always ALWAYS consensual. And consent is ALWAYS enthusiastic and affirmative. If it's not consensual for everyone involved, then there's a word for that. The word is rape.

"Convincing" someone is rape. Wearing someone down by asking repeatedly is rape.
It's so disgusting and pathetic. Niggas will literally beg for pussy and then brag about it but leave out that they threw a tantrum for 20 mins. They just "convinced" her. "it took a little work but I hit it.", "she put up a struggle but eventually...", etc.
The word "sex" already implies that consent happened. That's why there's no such thing as "non-consensual sex". Again the word you're looking for is rape.

Take note of people's reactions. Look for people nitpicking this thread, complaining about not able to rape people, misogyny
Again folks consent must always be affirmative and enthusiastic. ALWAYS BOTH. A no is clearly not consent. A maybe is not consent. An unenthusiastic yes is not consent, if the yes isn't a "yes!" it's not consent.
Yeah sure, okay, whatever, etc is not consent.
I have obviously experienced sexual assault. But more importantly I'm not the only one and a lot of these stories have similar patterns. And I want people to be safe and have all the fun great sex they want. Just don't assault people, it's not that hard.
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