yeri is part of rv's dance line: a thread

#RedVelvet #레드벨벳 @RVsmtown
starting off with the iconic intro at seoul music awards 2016 with irene and seulgi bcs... iconic
how would i even forget her solo part for the my second date remix? she snapped there your honor
the choreo for look was obviously made especially for her
have you seen yeri cool hot sweet love fancam? i thought yeri cool hot sweet love fancam was lovely
yes that's rookie kim yerim at the center poppin off with her unnies clad in those light up jackets
imagine being 16 and pulling off a classy concept? only yeri can relate
she was feeling the rhythm knowing she owned uu era with her blonde hair
spreading this fancam to show yall that she slayed the icc tango version with her unnies too
in spite of her uncomfortable dress at an awards show, she still nailed it. professional queen!
look at her slay beside the main dancer herself! and the attitude at the end!!!!
it's true that she had her days before bcs of all the undeserved h*te she received. bu she is way past that now, and has been more confident like never before. yeri best girl! 💜
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