sope au where hoseok gives yoongi a quarantine haircut because although hoseok loves his boyfriend’s “floppy hair”, yoongi is very sick of the hair always getting in his eyes

however, hoseok MIGHT not be the greatest substitute for a hairdresser after all
hs: just sit down!! It Will Be Fine
yg: i seriously doubt you
hs: why can’t you trust me?? i watched tutorials and even ordered hair cutting scissors

*hs opens and closes the scissors in front of yg’s face*

yg: please don’t cut me
hs: *rolling his eyes* Everything Will Be Fine! trust me! i’m your boyfriend 🥰
yg: that says very little
hs: see all done
yg: well that was quick
hs: *handing yg a mirror* i still need to fix the undercut but the main length is done
yg: hoseok
hs: yes
yg: you cut like nothing
hs: wdym??
yg: you cut less than an inch! i can barely even see the difference
hs: well clearly your hair before was *here* and now it’s *here*
yg: your finger is in the Same Place
hs: you’re exaggerating
yg: that’s my line!
yg: you need to cut more
hs: aw but why hyung! i like your hair like this it looks so nice 🥺
yg: the whole point it you’re cutting it so it doesn’t get in my eyes
hs: i could cut the front and keep the back
yg: please cut more and do it properly
hs: *cutting* so hyung how was your day
yg: we spend every day together
yg: we live together
yg: we’re in quarantine
hs: *rolling his eyes* well obviously, but you could just play along. i am supposed to cut your hair as you look moody
yg: i don’t look moody
yg: *sighing* my day was great how was yours
hs: not so great my boyfriend keeps complaining about my hair cutting skills
yg: i think he might have a point
hs: okay what do you think
yg: *angles the mirror to see the back* it looks a little crooked
hs: i will feather it out and then it won’t
hs: besides, if you like, squint, you can’t see it! and you’re as blind as a bat so you should be fine!
yg: *squinting* i don’t appreciate your jokes
hs: *kisses yg’s cheek* i just think you should finally get glasses. you squint at everything
yg: just cut
hs: *picks up hair clippers* alrighty time to buzz
yg: please be careful
hs: i will! It Will Be fine.

*lifts hair and begins trimming the undercut*

hs: can i just remind you i was the one who told you to get an undercut to begin with
yg: for your own satisfaction
hs: it’s not my fault it makes you sexy!
yg: yeah i can hardly blame you
yg: so let me get this straight
hs: that might be a little difficult since you’re ga-
yg: you trimmed too much, my hair is /still/ crooked and now it’s too short
hs: i think the baby bangs are cute
hs: you can comb it back!! show off your forehead. you have nice brows
yg: compliments will not fix the situation
hs: *pouting* i’m sorry! i tried my best i’m sorry it turned out bad
yg: i look ridiculous
hs: you don’t! you look so cute, you always look cute
yg: you’re biased
hs: no i just have functioning eyes. you look cute
hs: you totally pull off the short, crooked hair
hs: besides! *takes a box out of a plastic bag* i got hair dye!! we can die it black
yg: how will it help
hs: it won’t! but you look sexy with black hair
yg: fair enough
hs: all done! see i can’t mess this up
yg: you put dye all over my forehead
hs: that will fade babe don’t worry
hs: now we gotta wait! the instructions say 15 mins
yg: what are we going to do about the crooked hair?
hs: i can always try to fix it-
yg: you know what, i never leave the house either way, it’s fine
hs: you sure?
yg: yeah, it’s fine, don’t worry
hs: okay 🥰
hs: alright let me wash your hair for you
yg: i can do it myself
hs: but then what kinda hairdresser am i!
yg: so you’re going to make me bendover the bathtub for you to wash my hair
hs: or you could get undressed and i get undressed and we both go in 🥰

yg: we’re not having sex until the hair situation is sorted
hs: you’re such a spoilsport hyung 🙄
hs: see it looks fine
yg: i don’t think i agree with the amount of gel you just put in my hair
hs: you look so sexy! i love it 🥰
yg: my hair looks greasy
hs: you know what, hyung, you’re being mean! i cut your hair even thought i thought it looked fine and i tried make you look cute and sure it went wrong and i’m sorry it‘s crooked and too short but you could at least be a little nicer about it because i really tried 🥺
yg: you’re right, i’m sorry. i’m being mean.
yg: i like it
hs: you do?
yg: it’s a little crooked but it looks fine. thank you for cutting my hair. the gel is not so bad
hs: do you mean it? 🥺
yg: yes, it looks cute. i promise i like it
hs: say you look sexy
yg: *sighs* i look sexy
hs: damn right you do 🥰
yg: *looking in the mirror* you know what, it really doesn’t look too bad
hs: if it looked really bad, you could always shave it off
yg: no
hs: you’d look good! you have a good head structure and like, strong eyebrows-
yg: if i shaved my hair, you’d have to do it too
hs: well i guess a bad hair cut is definitely always better than shaving your hair! who even shaves their head definitely not you 🥰
yg: i’m glad you agree

hs: can we have sex now
yg: yeah sure
yg: haven’t we been having too much sex lately
hs: don’t be ridiculous 🥰 you’re so cute when you say silly things hyung 🥰
[I hope you enjoyed this mini au! Just something to fill in the gap between me posting my fic (coming this friday, 29th May) and going back to my regular aus afterwards. I hope it made you laugh or at least smile! Have a great day 💕]
[End Of Thread]
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