Hinduphobic Nights with Kapil

The Kapil Sharma Show, it’s a very famous TV show, everyone knows about it.
As I don’t watch much TV, I didn’t know what was going on in that show until I saw it one day and what did I saw? This Character, and I was shocked.
as someone who has kept Shikha on my head since childhood, this blatant insult of a sacred symbol of Santana Dharma shook me
Shikha a symbol of knowledge, a symbol of responsibility and identity connecting us to our roots is insulted so openly on this show. Can they even imagine what effect it can have on people?
I kept shikha throughout School and college, nobody else in my class had it and people did make fun of me especially in school, only during my stays in Gurukul during holidays I felt at ease.
I know what I went through during school, I have experienced it myself
What about the students who are currently in school who have kept Shikha? What are they going through? do you have any Idea Mr. Kapil? Especially when a show like this is “promoting” making fun of it. Can you imagine their mental condition?
I know how it feels when people make fun of you just because you are proud of your Identity, I know what people talk behind my back.
How can we allow a TV show to make fun of our religious Identity? Why only us? If it was some other religion thus show would have been removed long ago.
Will we just sit and watch them make fun of us?
Today they making fun of shikha, tomorrow they will make fun of yajnopavit, then Pooja then our texts. Slowly poisoning minds of people
You are making fun of shikha for which our ancestors gave their lives, our ancestors preferred getting killed instead of giving up their Shikha. Invaders tried to remove it forcefully, you are doing same thing by slowly poisioning minds.
This Insult of Hindu religious symbol is clear Hinduphobia and we won't stay silent now , Mr. Kapil Sharma and Mr. Kiku Sharda, Shame on both of you.
STOP making fun of our religious identity and sacred symbol.
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