The picture with the @PublicProtector & Lebo Mafokane touring Plot 323 were taken in August last year, though… when the tents were still up & before the houses were built…

The houses you see there now were as a result of the Public Protector’s assistance & intervention.
For those interested, here is a picture from the site visit yesterday (after the construction of the houses & with all those present visibly adhering to the COVID-19 Disaster Management Regulations):
For those for whom facts matter:
• The Office of the @PublicProtector (led by @AdvBMkhwebane) received a complaint in connection with evictions & the dire living conditions at Plot 323 in Wilgespruit, Honeydew in mid-2019.
• 3 August 2019: Office visited the Plot and was shown around by Ward 97 ANC deputy chairperson, Lebo Mofokane.
• November 2019: The first mobile clinic was opened in the Ward. Government confirms that housing will be prioritised.
• April 2020: @The_DHS announces that the 72 housing units are completed & ready for occupation.
• 24 May 2020: With masks on, the Department hands over the units. Present were the two Chapter 9 institutions that represented the interests of the community & pushed delivery.
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