Y’all remember this person telling y’all I’m a pedo? Where is all the hype now?
Context: This chick dm me first one day thirsting. Never thought much of it. I always thought she was older, didn’t really care to ask her age. Then after we had been talking it came up and she said she was about to be 18. She got dumped and claimed I’m a pedo here.
It got thousands of retweets for some weird reason. I couldn’t even defend myself. Nobody cared to hear me out. This bitch almost ruined my life. I had to tell my family and everything bc I literally have little nieces and nephews. That’s how viral that post went.
This shit will get no retweets though.
This how they act when they get exposed. They all of a sudden humble and “cordial” after they literally destroyed your character as a man.
This how deep it was, I thought my life was over bc it was everywhere. This is the last thing I’ll show y’all about it.
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