We have been in quarantine for 8+ weeks, I have come to the point where I must accept at least the possibility that this is some sort of afterlife. 1/6
The most significant possibility, in Christian/Sartre/Let The Punishment Fit the Crimes terms, is that it's some sort of Purgatory, a gentle penitentiary of boredom where we are forced to face our truest selves and bide some time. 2/6
But it's really nice. The baking, the TV, the things I'm privileged to have like air conditioning and LA weather, which also forces me to contemplate that it might be some kind of gentle heaven, worked out for my sensibilities alone. 3/6
Here, Guy, is an eternity with all the books and movies you could ever want to watch (Except somehow I can't stream "Judgment at Nuremberg") and infinite 2 dimensional access to everyone you love in the world equally, regardless of geography. 4/6
But it seems most likely they're doing some sort of massive upgrade to The Matrix and can't go around rendering the whole planet while that architecture is getting altered so are forcing us to just stay in our little rooms while the programmers finish it up. 5/6
I sincerely hope the graphics upgrades to the water and trees in this expansion are worth us having to spend 3-5 months of membership trapped in our apartments. 6/6
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