I thought later about one of my engagements with an account from red rose Twitter, who was talking about how Trump got off from impeachment because Democrats impeached him for the wrong thing. They said something about Ukraine and how Dems would have exposed their own corruption.
It didn't register with me at the time because there was so much nonsense and I was trying to keep this based in reality. But he was talking about the fictional story that Russia got Republicans talking about.
This person could have been a Russian troll but there is a lot of propaganda on the left from media reaching us domestically. Glenn Greenwald has been spreading a lot of this dangerous propaganda. It's harmful whether on the left or the right and the combination is even worse.
While rhetorically it may have a different style, both messages converge at the same false narrative that Putin, Trump and the GOP want people to believe. We're being heavily attacked and even if we don't read propaganda, some will try to introduce us to it.
It really makes no sense at all if you think critically about it but they will keep trying and telling you how you're the one that is uniformed for not following their narrative. I hate this era.
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