I’m serious.

They’re gonna do this all the way to November.

Gaslight you.

“ He was JOKING, you MORONS!”

The next blatantly racist or insane thing he says, they’ll defend THAT, too. https://twitter.com/jemelehill/status/1263871146258100229
You think it can’t get worse?


He can’t even get through any kind of brief live interview without obvious interventions from his staff.

Meanwhile Democratic governors are keeping their states locked down while the expected mass death in TX & FL didn’t happen.
While Biden babbles away, Dem governors will be fighting tooth & nail to keep citizens in their states locked down, and those citizens are going to SEE what’s going on in red states.

They were told there would be a BIG SPIKE in virus cases in the red states. NOT HAPPENING.
While people in red states get back to normal with a phased reopening, the blue states are SUPPOSED to spend all of June and July locked down.

It won’t happen.

By the time November gets here the white hot burning RAGE of voters in THE BLUE STATES will be unleashed.
The pent up rage will take the form of VOTING.

They can only steal it if it’s close.

The gaps are going to be so massive, they can’t close them.

Voters in the BLUE STATES cannot wait to toss these tyrants out.
Trump will seize his moment.

The pitches he’s gonna make not just in the traditional battleground states but in what were formerly uncompetitive DEEP BLUE STATES will be tailored to DEMOCRAT VOTERS looking for PAYBACK on these tyrants running their states.
Trump hasn’t even started campaigning yet.

There will be at least 3 rallies a week. He’ll go to states where CNN will mock him and say he’s wasting his time there.

He’ll draw even bigger crowds.

And he’ll actively court DEMOCRATS. And he’ll get them to cross over.
How do I know he’ll do this and it will work?

Well that’s easy.


It’s not that I’m a genius, it’s that I studied how Trump beat Hillary when she had every advantage over him.
Trump is the ultimate salesman.

He won in 2016 by convincing enough disenfranchised DEMOCRATS into crossing over and voting for him in the battleground states.

He **can** do it again.

And this time, it helps he’s up against Dementia Joe & a Democratic Party that is insane.
So prepare yourself!

As Biden grows crazier, and Democrats resort to force of arms to keep their states locked down, they will step up their frantic gaslighting to try to maintain the ILLUSION that Biden is growing stronger, and Trump is growing weaker.
It’s going to be awesome.

After this election, there is no going back for the Democratic Party.

They will have completely destroyed themselves.

I can’t wait.

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