To every #SidNaaz shipper,

If Sid and Sana's journey from complete strangers to friends and now as 'partners' have been a phenomenal one, we as viewers have also come a long way from shipping them as friends to see them have the potential of sharing their lives together.
We've had sleepless nights when they used to fight like cats and dogs, when they said they hated eo and they won't keep contacts with eo. We had no idea how things would turn out to be for them once they step out of the house and enter the real, cruel and harsh world.
But things definitely changed & changed only for good. They haven't just maintained contact with eo, but are pretty much together. I know it very well and you know it too. And I guess, this is just beautiful. It's not being called delusional. It's just believing what's obvious.
The chances of them not ending up together are negligible, so why focus on that part!? If you call yourself a shipper, then support them even if the whole world decides to turn against them! Solos are brilliantly doing their job of spreading filth. Shippers shouldn't join them.
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