My mom puts out a table with food for the local homeless every day since she works at a grocery store & some asshole threw gasoline all over it a little bit ago. Who does that?
Her side yard was already on fire a couple of weeks ago thanks to someone throwing a lit cigarette in the dry weeds. Now somebody puts gas all over the share table that her & my little sister work hard on each day. People are so fucked.
Some of homeless neighbors who come to the table each day have put in a request for hygiene products. We're out sharable goods. If anyone is in The Bay & has travel size toiletries, dental hygiene, period care products, or hotel toiletries they don't need or if you wanna chip in
We can continue to out out protein bars, and produce from our gardens, and other grocery essentials, it's just extras like hygiene goods we can't afford to offer much of rn cuz I'm outta work & my mom is the working poor. So if anyone has any they don't need hmu please.
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