AlienQ Morning decode
Wassup Aliens.
Ok, Q mentions "birds singing" alot.
Most people think it refers to Dems snitching.
But what does it really mean?
its been mentioned alot.
Lets look at a couple of ideas
Here is an interesting tweet.

A caged bird
Image drops

It's Twitter!
Think... read again..
The Q Movement
Original Posts (memes)
United (us)
Q reinforces the theme that the post has a double meaning
"But really, Alien? Is Q talking about Twitter or did u just smoke the good weed?"
Well, look at this post and the way Q ties in TWITTER by name, and mentions the bird singing!
It's been staring us in the face the whole time
"Twitter rants can be harmful"
Uh huh, so can memes
Here is an interesting post that ties in themes of the MSM, bots, Bird Singing, and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Remember Q doesnt advocate violence-
So how do WE fight?
You got it.
Twitter baby.
Finally here's a 2 year delta between Q Posting this and events coming to light 2 yrs later.
April Showers (biggest month in twitter use history)
Birds (us)
Force(d) (Army, Q Soldiers)
Fast Movers (us, our posts, our networking)
Conclusions? Often with Q Posts they are written like lyrics; poetry. You need to remove the direct meaning, because when the lyrics are obvious, its because the REAL message is hidden in the simplest words
Thanks for Playing
Your Friendly neighbourhood Alien
News Unlocks..

Watch the stories come out after lockdown
Watch NYC
Birds singing..

Are NYC first responders going to sing about the horrors. Remember 6 billion people carry video cameras :)
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