1.) Our nation’s capital is turning out to be the hub of an underground pedophile ring, and with so much misinformation being circulated, it’s easy to dismiss most of it as just hype. However, we’ve uncovered the very real case of one man who has been found dead after openly
2.)investigating some of the most powerful politicians in Washington, D.C., and what he found was so damning that it will blow your mind.
Few weeks after Brietbart’s death, his coroner also passed away. Michael Cormier also had a suspicious and sudden death. Cormier was a seemingly-healthy 61 year old man. He was working as the L.A. Department coroner technician.
He became quite ill at his home and was swiftly taken to the hospital. However, he died suddenly, with doctors unable to confirm the cause of his death.
18.) With all this overwhelming evidence about the history of highly placed officials connected with satanic cults and pedophilia, there can be no doubt that something very sinister is going on with many of these big players, and John Podesta seems to be at the center of it all.
14.) Another strange death was that of Andrew Breitbart, founder of Breitbart News. Andrew was sending out cryptic tweets about Podesta shortly before his death in March 2011.
in a documentary called “Hating Breitbart”, Andrew showed his hate for Podesta. In the film, he said that he knew things about the adviser for Obama and Clinton.
6.) Max uncovered the beginnings of what would become today’s sick underground child pedophilia ring, and it all started with Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a highly decorated US Army officer who confessed to being a satanist.
7.) In 1987, over 60 children were sexually abused at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, and the majority of the kids identified Satanists Aquino and his disgusting wife as their abusers, according to the New York Times.
12.) Now, we know these dark forces inside our government have a long history with Satanism, and John Podesta, who served as Counselor to President Barack Obama and was HRC’S campaign chairman, was recently outed as an occultist, attending satanic spirit cooking dinners.
3.) Max Spiers was investigating the history of kidnapping young children and the trafficking of child sex slaves when he uncovered a most disturbing link within the most powerful circles of politicians in Washington, D.C.
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