Imagine if you will a Sheriff's department flagging addresses and tracking you like this...

This is the Sheriff of Volusia County Florida, he used to be the Police Chief for Daytona Beach.. He's a liberal in a Conservative County who needs ousted...

A back story if you will..
Last night my brother . @Beard_Vet and I were monitoring a story with a couple of our sources on the ground in Daytona Beach. They said people were shooting at Emergency Vehicles, and rioting. That didn't happen, we reported it was developing and we took the tweets down...
This liberal Sheriff then decided to attack myself and . @Beard_Vet to make it personal... Making snide remarks...

A shooting did occur... The Boardwalk was overly crowded.. Two people were shot and injured, and one was arrested.. They were looking for a 2nd person..
To have a public official attack and act as childish as this Sheriff was disrespectful and ignorant.. We never CONFIRMED anything, and deleted the information and even published an article at  as we always do.. This guy is a clown.. a Childish Clown..
I have the upmost respect for Law Enforcement as the majority of my team are current and active LEO's, Military and former Federal Agents..

He made it personal, and that's okay.. I'll do whatever I can to make sure he isn't reelected in a conservative county.
There were multiple individuals who tweeted and reported the same initial information that we did. This Sheriff chose to make it personal because I'm a conservative influencer, he never said a word to dozens of others who reported the same thing.

This will be my last comment.
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