#MondayMotivation #LifeLessons

Yesterday, I wrote about 20 different principles of corporate life.
Today, I will write about SELF

1. Keep the inquisitive streak in you ALWAYS

2. Practice the art of asking WHY - Strive to find answers
#MondayMotivation #LifeLessons

3. Work towards your answer, not just GOOGLE - Remember journey is equally important as destination

4. Practice makes man perfect - For programmers or wood cutters, this is equally applicable
#MondayMotivation #LifeLessons

5. Be grounded. Humility is a virtue that's fast disappearing, but is an essential skill of life

6. Read new concepts - Not fancy titles, but try to understand concepts
#MondayMotivation #LifeLessons

7. Seek knowledge - May mean asking seniors questions, following up - Many people are there who just want someone to ask

8. Be clear about your career goals and work towards them - Keep a diary and review every 6 months
#MondayMotivation #LifeLessons

9. Take feedback, but don't be overly influenced or blinded by that

10. Beyond everything, enjoy the ride - At the end of it, memories and experiences will be the ones that remain forever
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