It's the last week for artists and cultural organisations to apply for the @AusCouncilArts Resilience fund. The entire industry has been seeking support from the same meagre $5m of repurposed funds in the federal arts budget. /1
Meanwhile, the rules to JobKeeper have meant many artists and arts & entertainment workers have been ineligible to access wage support, despite united calls from the sector to include those who fall between the cracks, such as workers on short contracts. /2
Arts Minister Paul Fletcher voted against expanding eligibility to those workers. But we now know there is a $60b under-spend in JobKeeper due to errors in calculating the cost based on the number of eligible workers. /3
Now is the time for our federal arts minister to act with vision. Our cultural economy needs more than $5m in 'resilience'. We need a national arts policy and a real recovery plan. If left to collapse, Australia will have no arts industry, no entertainment, no cultural life. /4
Solidarity to all who have applied for and are applying for resilience funds. Successes and otherwise. The team at @AusCouncilArts do incredible work with few resources. Imagine what we could all do for Australia's creative future with meaningful investment. /5
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