~ My Business Model ~

I write, tweet, podcast, teach, and invest. Here's how my personal media engine fits together.

Dark blue = The current flywheel

Dotted blue = The future flywheel

For an explanation of every element, read the thread below.
1. Twitter

The vast majority of people find me on Twitter. It's the town square of the Internet and an always-on conference where I make friends, grow my audience, and share what's on my mind.

Twitter is the top of the funnel for my professional life. https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1243636641660456960?s=20
2. Essays

Long-form writing is my favorite art form. It's the hardest thing I do, but also the most rewarding. In the past year, I've written four essays longer than 10,000 words. Combined, they've been read more than 250,000 times and transformed my worldview.
3. Podcasts

I have two podcasts: (1) The North Star Podcast where I interview interesting people, and (2) The Write of Passage Podcast where I talk about the basics of online writing. Through The North Star, I get to learn in public and meet tons of incredible people.
4. YouTube

My channel is small, but growing fast. I've been hosting workshops with my favorite people on Twitter (including @shl, @dollarsanddata, and @mkobach). Like the podcasts, it's a way to learn in public and collaborate with outstanding writers.
5. Email Subscribers

Email is the linchpin of my professional life. I send out two weekly newsletters: Monday Musings and Friday Finds. One is a collection of the coolest things I learned every week, and in the other, I share my favorite links. https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1262452255912910851?s=20
6. Online Courses

Write of Passage — my 5-week online writing course — is my main revenue stream. In the past year, I've taught more than 500 people to think better and accelerate their career by writing online. The business is one year old, and I own 100% of it.
I also have two other online courses.

∙ Write of Passage Summer Camp is a joint venture with @anafabrega11. We built it for talented and ambitious 9-11-year-olds.

∙ How to Crush it on Twitter outlines my strategy getting the most from this platform. https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1248378834925191169?s=20
7. Angel Investing

I invest in companies focused on creators, productivity, and the future of education. I've made a few angel investments, but have only announced my investment in @withprimer — a homeschooling-focused education company. https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1236821744826138624?s=20
8. Book

These next two are about the future. I'm thinking about my first book, which will probably be about writing online and becoming a citizen of the Internet. I'm already in talks with agents, editors, and traditional New York City publishers. The plan is still unfolding.
9. Personal Subscription

I want to every incentive learn faster and share high-quality ideas you won't find anywhere else. Launching a subscription is the best way to do that. I'll probably start with exclusive videos and podcasts, but like the book, I haven't finalized a plan.
Ultimately, I want to build a collection of Audience-First Products.

They'll be software-based and focused on writing, productivity, and education. Writing online is my go-to strategy for finding customers, companies, and entrepreneurs. https://www.perell.com/blog/audience-first-products
I've now been writing online for seven years.

This email series is a summary of the top-7 lessons I've learned by writing in public. My favorite ones are own your distribution, build a Personal Monopoly, and follow The Netflix Principle.

Sign up below. https://ageofleverage.com/course 

I just found an old photo of a flywheel I drew in 2016, during my senior year of college, where I outlined these ideas for the first time.
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