On women and health in the 20th century Afghanistan.

Queen Soraya opened the first hospital for women sometimes in the 1920s. No sources on the size of it, but could've a dozen beds. Services for women stopped during the riots of 1929 and re-established in 1930. MN @Mayysam
Robinson (1956) wrote that in 1930 a few beds were set up in a small house in Kabul to provide services for women and children. In 1939, the center became a university hospital (Masturat) with 20 beds for women and 9 beds for children. MN @Mayysam
King Amanullah introduced major women's health-related reforms including a 1921 family code that banned #childmarriage, required judicial permission before a man took more than one wife, & removed #familyLaw from the jurisdiction of religious clerks. (Robinson, 1956). MN @Mayysam
King Amanullah sent a group of 15 girls to Turkey to study medicine. #Afghangirls #medicine
In 1936, a nursing school was also established in Kabul, targeted at women. (Robinson, 1956; Weber, 1962). MN @Mayysam
In 1949, a WHO epidemiologist writes, "The most striking was a woman of about 55 years who had had twenty pregnancies without a single surviving child." (Cutler, 1950). MN @Mayysam
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