🧵 Last week Minister @AdrianaLaGrange scolded the CBE, citing among other things their inability to put students first.

One would expect a leader in her position to lead by example: so let’s take a look back at some of her initiatives over the past year or so.
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5. Underfunded education to levels below 2018 funding on per student basis.
This means less money for each child - not great!

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7. Significant cuts to inter ministerial RCSD prgm (Regional Collaborative Service Delivery model)-where different agencies worked together to provide services (speech pathology. OT, physical therapy, etc) to children-Can’t find ANY media coverage of these cuts!
As a student centered public education advocacy org our aim is to center all public education policy around our most marginalized, thereby building a comprehensive, equitable and accessible system for ALL students.
#abed #ableg @AdrianaLaGrange
It would seem @adrianaLagrange herself has fallen short of her Ministerial demands to put students first.
Where is her audit?
Where is her accountability?
Alberta students deserve answers.
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