1) Memo to Trump campaign: I was going through docs from 2016 and found this memo I sent through channels to the Trump team.

2) I can't reveal all of it, but I think enough time has passed I can share some of it.

3) Realize this would go to the top at that time.
4) I of course cannot guarantee that it got to the top, only that it got in the pipeline.

5) Ok. first really important thing: the title.

6) Second, the date: November 1, 2016.
7) In case you went to public schools that was before the general election.

8) Among other things I said "the moment after a Trump victory, you must be prepared. The following will occur:"

*GOPe/neverTrumpers and Ryanites will not only undermine a Trump administration . . ."
* . . . but I said they would at the VERY FIRST OPPORTUNITY launch or support impeachment proceedings "completely irrelevant to anything Trump could or would do." They would, I said, "seize ANY 'close call' to try to remove him." I said if Team Trump ignored this they would . . .
*contd . . . "court disaster." We could not, I stated, hope to appeal to the members' "conscience, Constitutional moorings, or even common sense."

Therefore I strongly recommended that going in the administration leave Congress with . . .

*Since we've been talking about Sessions, here was my kicker: "All cabinet members in the chain of command must be vetted with this [impeachment effort] in mind."
*Further, I recommended that each cabinet member understand that "any action to remove a president that wasn’t founded on genuine clear and present danger involving absolutely indisputable “high crimes and misdemeanors” should be viewed as treason, and that anyone who didn't . .
*contd . . . see it that way should withdraw his nomination.

*I brought up the historical example of Lincoln in 1862 who had each of his secretaries pre-sign a resignation from office, which Lincoln kept in his desk drawer.

*While I did not foresee on Nov. 1 the specific . . .
*contd . . . "muh Russia" direction this would take--because Cankles hadn't written the narrative yet and the Steele Dossier was not known yet--I knew that it DIDN'T MATTER THE VEHICLE, only the purpose, which was to remove Trump.

I wanted all his top admin to understand that.
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