It’s too bad that leftists haven’t been able to take a more proactive stance during the pandemic. Instead of standing up for the working class they’ve broadly landed on the side of scolding libs or pandemic welfare advocates./1
People want and need to work in socially useful roles. Oandemic welfare leftist seem content with extracting more welfare while millions stay idle. Leftist maskscolds express subdued disappointment when people protest the lockdown or spend a sunny weekend picnicking /2
A political movement that centres the WC would 1) demand that the State expand health care capacity and PPE availability, while ensuring lower densities ar workplaces so that people can work safely 2) demand more public outdoor spaces to fulfill people’s desire to be outdoors /3
4) immediately implementment massive testing and contact tracking. But all we get is leftists / unions begging for more welfare and hazard pay or, much more annoyingly, condemning people’s healthy and natural impulses to see friends and spend time outdoors
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