In this thread, I’m bringing you the feeling of seeing a #Baiyu ad in person in China straight to your phone/desktop!!

Here’s BY himself taking a picture of his own subway ad on Halloween 2018, when he dressed up as Joker n gave out candies to commuters😆
(1) Pizzahut

Let’s start w BY’s biggest sponsor this time.

4th pic is a pizzahut ad playing in the movie theatre!
This is a gif version of the 3rd pic from above, just a whole wall of Baiyu as his pizzahut store manager character hahaha. Ads on walls AND on screens!
Gif of another wall-to-wall pizzahut ad. The staircase of pizzahut!Baiyu 😂😂
Multiple giant Detective L posters inside pizzahut restaurants!!!

I totally want to eat pizzahut while looking at BY as Luofei oh my god 😭😭😭
I told ya pizzahut spent a lot of money on BY

(Can I just quietly say he’s wearing a very nice red skir-)
(2) Clarisonic

It’s a BY Clarisonic ad that goes straight into BY pizzahut ad!!!! Double the BY!!!

Did they plan this lol that’s literally incredible

That red ad looks so aesthetic?? It looks great!! My son looks great too😭😭

Baiyu pics shown inside SEMIR stores look so great thank you SEMIR
Arriving at a floor in the shopping mall and the first thing you see is a soft Baiyu petting a cat???? HELL YES SIGN ME TF UP
(4) Coffii & Joy

That standee where fans can leave little notes is so cute

More BY ads shown in the theatre~
(6) Qingfeng

This is a special Qingfeng x TMALL pop up store. Featuring giant posters, giant screens and a standee~
(7) KFC

An ad showing on a big screen in a subway station
(8) That reading event that many celebs took part in, including Baiyu. It seemed like each celeb got their own carriage? Idk

Let me sneak in pics of BY’s male fans taking pics of him~
Same event but here are some bus stop ads
(9) RADO

Thank you for putting that BY photo series on a giant screen the world needed it🤧

(10) HONOR (Huawei)
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