some of yall bout to get real pressed but idc, it must be said.

a small thread on why tharntype is NOT a problematic relationship and why some people seem to always push that narrative:
okay so i’m gonna talk about this and i know a lot of you may disagree with this and that’s okay everyone has their opinion and this is mine so please respect it okay we all know how tharntype is either a hit or miss for people -
but what i do want to say is the fact that this show or bl for that matter tackles a very very very very taboo topic when it comes to gay relationships and a lot of fetishizers don’t like that because they just want to see a cute relationship -
or just want to see a fake no conflict relationship so basically they don’t wanna see what these couples go through or rather how they progress the relationships, because no one literally not one single person gay or not goes through their relationship -
with someone completely 100% argument free that doesn’t happen that is not real and what i want to say is a lot of people in the bl community — i don’t want to say 80% but at least 70% of them are fetishizing gay people and they don’t want to see the more intimate -
or rather the more sexual side of the relationship and tharntype is known for being very sexual (WHICH IS 100% VALID AND OKAY!!!!!) but a lot of people don’t like the relationship between type and tharn because apparently tharn sexually assaulted type -
which i will respectfully disagree with because in the first scene where tharn non-consensually kissed type was because of one reason and one reason only and that was because type messed with him like he messed with his stuff, he ripped his posters apart -
he basically messed his side of the room up and he was very disrespectful to him because he found out that tharn was gay — this is where i’m like unraveling this shit, and since type did all of those things tharn was not having it he didn’t want to be treated like that-
no lgbt person wants to be treated like that so he wanted to make him pay or rather do something that’s going to bother type knowing that he’s homophobic he’s going to kiss him. i don’t like that scene okay, i do not agree with but i understand his way of thinking -
i understand why he would want to get back at him maybe that wasn’t the best idea — kissing him non-consensually but there are so many bls out there that have like 1000 times worse scenes than tharntype but people want to target them because type is a rape survivor -
and they want to use that. they want to use the victim side of type as a way to shit on tharn because type actually likes him back eventually and you know despite what happened at the beginning with the two of them, they eventually get into a very healthy relationship -
and tharn has a very good character development and a lot of people don’t like that because type chose to stay with tharn and chose to be with him and understand him and help him understand type and a lot of people don’t like that because they want to victimize -
and they want type to feel oppressed, they don’t want him to move on they literally do not wanna type to move on that’s why they victimize him and they want him to feel like a victim for the rest of his life, they refuse to see type happy with tharn -
and they don’t want type to continue his relationship with tharn and explore and get better together they don’t like that. i don’t even know how to explain this anymore because they just want to pull the victim card on type whenever someone mentions tharntype -
because they claim it’s a victim and rapist relationship first of all yeah type is a rape victim but tharn is nowhere near being a rapist okay he didn’t know types past which doesn’t justify his actions however when he understands and when he knows he apologizes -
and he gets better he never does the same fucking mistake again so i don’t wanna hear u uglies talk about this shit and call tharn a fucking rapist when he’s clearly nowhere near that and he’s actually the one who helps type get better -
and he’s the one who helps him feel good about being gay, he helps him accept the fact that he’s a gay person and that it’s okay and the way they progress and get better at their relationship and they get better at understanding each other is through sex -
and sex is not dirty and disgusting like some of you might think it is between gay people, it’s not. it’s the same amount of pure or dirty as a heterosexual relationship and i’m tired of people looking at their sexual life and calling it a rapist and a victim relationship -
when it’s nowhere fucking near that it’s nowhere near that they have a healthy relationship after they talk about their issues and all of you who are pressed that tharntype is getting a second season, fuck you because they are a perfect couple and they are great together -
no one should feel like a victim for the rest of their life and some of you want type to be like that but no bitch he’s moving the fuck on with his man and y’all can stay pressed
IN CONCLUSION!!! both type AND tharn faced a lot of hardships and struggles in their lives, but type’s struggles were portrayed but that does NOT make tharn’s struggles go away! if ur gonna feel bad about type make sure that u remember how tharn must’ve felt as an openly gay man!
end of thread!
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