That looks to be roughly a 2x3x5 inch piece of Tungsten.

That would make it 30 cubic inches which means it weighs roughly 21 pounds or around 50 iPhones.

Stainless steel of the same volume would weigh around 8 pounds.

Aluminum of the same volume would weigh roughly 3 pounds.
Dimensions might be slightly off since I am estimating by looking at the TV but the numbers are more to point out the difference in ratios and how the safety worker is trying to pick up roughly 50 iPhones off the ground.
Exact specs on that tungsten.
That translates to roughly 82 iPhone 11s.
The Camry road car starts at 3,241 pounds so one block of the Tungsten above would be 0.0108 Camrys.

You would need 93 of those Tungsten blocks to equal the weight of that Camry.
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