ok buckle up friends, it's time for some unsolicited streaming recs & beer pairings to go with. feel free to give other suggestions in the comments! let's goooooo:
@KillingEve + @SpitefulBrewing Layer Cake Stout: The 12 doesn't half-ass anything and neither should u. Crack open a pastry stout w/a list of flavors as long as the can (++if the brewery is on theme) to enjoy this decadent thriller. Villanelle would want you to treat yourself.
#Sense8 + http://AllTogether.Beer : Like the sensates in this series, the brewers behind this beer are working to support one another. An open-source collab from @OtherHalfNYC brewing worldwide to support hospitality workers; in Chicago @pilotprojectchi @NoonWhistle @Dryhopchicago
@harlotsonhulu is a period drama that doesn't feel like one. It's colorful, sexy, & diverse, & you're going to want something just as tart & colorful to go w/, like a fruity kettle sour. Try @UneAnnee Framboise, @PenroseBrewing Overfrüt, or @MiddleBrowBeer Block Party Boys&Girls.
#TheHalfOfItNetflix + @marzbrewing Yakool: Every AsAm teen movie on Netflix rn includes one dead parent and a yakult-with-cute-boy scene. But The Half Of It does it best; it's sweet & bitter & funny & more than worthy of this delicious yakult-inspired strawberry lactose sour.
#PleaseLikeMe + @CruzBlancaChi La Floridita: Honorable mention to @EverythingsOkTV, but @JoshThomas87's debut show will always hold 1st place in my ♥️. Pair w/a croquembouche someone's just slapped & this rosé ale bc it's v good & summery & idk I feel like Josh would like it
@RussianDoll + @OffcolorBrewing Bare Bear: If you consider yourself An Intellectual & like being one step ahead of the game, you've probably already watched & raved about Russian Doll. Do the same for this sahti & take pride in being the person who knows what a sahti is.
(Honorable mention to @OffcolorBrewing Very Very Far since Bare Bear isn't really in season rn - VVF is also very very cool, smart, yum)
@NBCMakingIt + @BoldDogBeerCo Sunday Night Couch Cuddles: This reality show is heartwarming as heck. If you liked Amy&Nick on Parks&Rec you'll love seeing them pun abt crafts. Bold Dog's IPL is versatile enough to pair w/bingeing the show AND MakingIt-inspired post-binge crafting
@ParasiteMovie + Brewer's Kitchen Hallo Peche, @EnergyCityBrew Peach Smoothie, @RevBrewChicago Freedom of Speach, or anything else u can find w/peach in it: If you've seen it, you know. Watch again & remember the last happy moment before lockdown, when BJH won all those Oscars.
#StevenUniverse + @HopewellBrewing Lil' Buddy: Each episode of this wholesome family sci-fi cartoon is 10ish mins of short and soothing, just like an 8oz Lil' Buddy. (While you're at it, maybe pick up one of everything from Hopewell bc their other beers are 🔥)
#DerryGirls + Sketchbook No Parking: You thought I was gonna tell you to drink a Guinness? YEAH WELL you could. Or try this citra-hopped pale ale that, like the show, has the character & bitterness of something much heftier but stays light & clean enough for you to have a few.
@Portrait_Movie + honestly probably wine? or a large format bottle like the saisons from Is/Was: Buy from your local or drink dirt idc but WATCH THIS FILM! It's the last one I saw in theaters and it's the perfect film for quar.
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