If paying ANY ATTENTION, this should make your blood run COLD! HRC was to be MOP UP CREW to FINISH US OFF! MOST had/HAVE no idea HOW CLOSE to inescapable dystopian REALITY we were - NOT just USA! ENTIRE PLANET! DON’T believe me!!! #ResearchForYourself #WakeUp
If you believe for one freakin second BHO “left government” when he left White House, you SERIOUSLY need to up your #research game! STILL has home on 1600 Penn Ave. Either BHO or Kerry have preceded/coincided/followed DJT’s foreign visits, never stopped...
... beginning w/Trump’s first foreign trip, every one since & MANY in between. #ResearchForYourself, DON’T take my word for it.
Jumpstart on John Kerry de facto Shadow Government’s “Secretary of State” coincidences: 🔗 https://bit.ly/2A2X7u0 
In other news... NEW #COVID19 modeling projects END of SARS-CoV2, wait for it... EIGHT DAYS AFTER ELECTION!!! Right in the MIDDLE of what is USUALLY “flu season,” #ChinaFlu will be, & I quote...
Have a blessed Sunday & Memorial Day #Patriots!!! (I will be working tomorrow, so enjoy a bit of it for me) 😁
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