Perhaps there’s concern about people getting INFECTED from contaminated materials...🤔
I wrong #SwabLady an email a couple weeks ago, asking if she did any testing at the nursing homes when they started having outbreaks.

This was her response:
I’ve been asking @SeemaCMS (who oversees Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in our area) to investigate since the beginning, as a virus does not naturally go from no-patient-zero to 100 cases (residents and staff) in a matter of a few days.

But massive contamination does.
Back to #SeattleSwabLady

Dr. Helen Chu, is her actual name. She is a would-renowned researcher in the field of allergy and infectious adjunct professor of Epidemiology and of Global Health at UW as well.
In late January of 2019 her lab advertised they were setting up flu-swab stations around the city.

Helen Chu told her interviewer: “Our hope is the study will also help inform efforts by public health officials to prepare for potential pandemic threats.”
"In the DAYS since the teenager's test, the Seattle region has spun into crisis, with dozens of people testing positive and at least 22 dying...”

Feb. 25th - first positive COVID test at UW flu-study lab
Feb. 29th - first positive COVID test at LCC Kirkland.

“When we began in 2018, we could not have anticipated the need to shift our resources so quickly to track the progression of COVID-19. But we feel fortunate that the platform we’ve helped to create, with your participation, is in a position to do just that.”
If anyone is willing to chat with me, I would love to know if anyone has been recently tested by UW, especially with one of the SCAN home-based testing kits, and ESPECIALLY if you had a positive test result.

(425) 381-9113
An interesting side discovery about #SeattleSwabLady...

In 2000, while she was a senior at Cornell University, Dr. Chu was recruited by “The Chinese Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth” to travel to China and learn about her Chinese heritage.
I’m unsure why, but it’s difficult to find information on the organization. 
Interestingly, it sounds very similar to the “Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries” or CPAFFC.

The CPAFFC is a CCP organization that has been recruiting US GOVERNORS (including Gov. Inslee) to collaborate with them.
Gov. Inslee has been collaborating with the CPAFFC since at least 2013.
He even hosted a Governor’s Conference for the CPAFFC in Sept. 2015.
And the CPAFFC returned to WA in February of 2018, with Lt. Governor, Cyrus Habib in attendance this time, presumably because Inslee was otherwise engaged.
On February 2, 2020, as Dr. Chu was running her flu-study and probably considering testing her swabs for COVID against the FDA’s directive, @SecPompeo, gave a speech at the White House Governor’s Luncheon.

(Start at 1:45 to skip the welcome...)

He explains how he was invited to the CPAFFC hosted, “China Governor’s Collaborative Summit” in Kentucky in 2019...probably by Matt Bevin, Kentucky’s Governor at the time.

I bit of digging and I found WA’s Lt. Gov., Cyrus Habib, on the speaker list:
At this point, to my knowledge, no one has questioned Governor Inslee, or Lt. Governor Habib about their relationship to the CPAFFC, or asked whether or not they were aware this organization was run by the CCP, or asked if they have cut ties to the org. & it’s Chinese members.
NOW, we’ve also learned that Gov. Inslee’s daughter-in-law works for the Gates foundation.
And that the Gates foundation has funded, not only the Seattle SCAN program for tracking COVID, but also funded a research facility for Pirbright Institute (weeks before the COVID outbreak in Wuhan), to develop a coronavirus vaccine...cost: $5.5 million
In July of 2015, Pirbright received a patent for a genetically modified coronavirus that was to “be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.” 
And at almost the EXACT same time that Dr. Chu was publishing her 2018-2019 flu-study results, The Gates Foundation was holding a simulated pandemic exercise with some of the world’s key-industry leaders.

It’s not likely related, but I found it interesting that AbbVie is a “spin-off of Abbott Laboratories,” and one of Abbott’s major investors until Feb. 2017 was George Soros.
Dr. Farmer was also in Haiti during the Cholera outbreaks...along with The Gates Foundation and The Clinton Foundation...(as well as Dr. Fauci).
Dr. Farmer has teamed up with his PNW counterpart, Dr. William Foege, aka the Gates Foundation’s vaccine expert (and also educated in epidemiology at Harvard), bringing the circle, once again, back to WA state and UW...
In fact, Dr. Farmer received one of Dr. Foege’s “Global Health Awards JUST LAST MONTH.

Note the UPS also received an award...and that they were one of the “experts” at Gates’ “Event 201”. 
Foege has a building named after him at UW:
I haven’t been able to confirm it, but Foege (Gates Fellow) also appears to be the Chair of the UW Department of Global Health...which I believe is one of the departments under which #SeattleSwabLady is doing her flu-study...funded by Gates Foundation. 
If you haven’t yet watched the Event 201 video, you NEED to, now.

It’s pretty weird all by itself, but when you add in the realization that China would have their first confirmed cases only a few weeks later, it’s just creepy.
Take note of the experts included:

Gates Foundation
Johns Hopkins
Johnson & Johnson
ANZ Bank Group
UN Foundation
World Bank
UPS Foundation
FORMER US National Security Advisor
Henry Schein
Singapore $$ Authority

I want to take a second and focus on this man...Rear Admiral Stephen Redd.
Now that I’ve connected him to Event 201, his being called in to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on COVID response makes even more sense...
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