1/ This Patriot thread requires you to use common sense and critical thinking. The free world depends on it.

#InItTogetherWorldWide #QAnon

Origin country of #COVID19, China.

Wuhan was on lock down for 76 days. Remainder of China on lockdown 16 days (avg). No spread of virus?
2/ How is it possible source country of virus was on lockdown for only 16 days? How long have we been on lockdown?

Why would CCP not let travelers from Wuhan fly into mainland China but allowed them to fly out around the world?
3/ Why did CCP lie to the world? Why did WHO echo this lie to the world? Why did our CDC echo that lie to us? Why were CDC projections so far off?

Why has there been a historic drop in flu deaths? Why are #COVID19 death tolls now being adjusted to lower totals?
4/ Why would CDC tell us to wear masks that we know don't prevent virus spread and increase incubation? Why would CDC tell us the virus is highly contagious to now telling us it doesn't spread easily on surfaces?
5/ Why would DNC-MSM first tell us not to overreact/worry about #COVID19 then turn on a dime to push false narrative that Trump failed to act correctly?

Why would DNC-MSM attack use of HCQ-Azith-Zinc on all fronts when it is a PROVEN CURE and instead push for a new vaccine?
6/ Think critically and reflect.

What did Jan 5th Susan Rice DECLASED White House meeting reveal?

Russia Intel hold.

How do you add layers of protection?

Install a Special Counsel to lock [freeze] everything and control narrative regarding Russia?
7/ Instruct and coordinate with NSC [Schiff at arms lengths] to initiate whistleblower allegations 1-9?

Instruct congress to file articles of impeachment?

Coordinate with CCP to terminate US economy and unemployment gains?
8/ Initiate lockdown due to health concerns, push FEAR propaganda through DNC-MSM, instruct governors under control to enact vote-by-mail?

9/ What do you suppose probability of coincidence is on Jan 15th:

1. Impeachment Articles delivered to Senate after being held for weeks (for reasons no one could actually explain)

2. China signs Phase 1 clawback deal

3. 1st #COVID19 case landed in Seattle, all assets deployed
12/ When at WAR with a decades-long enemy infiltration at every level how do you wake the People to clear and present danger AND prevent civil war/innocent deaths of civilians?

DECLAS/release of authentic information, UNITY, and confirmed/visible counter insurgency actions?
13/ Welcome to the Information War.

Now, let go of dogma, pick up your weapon (intellectual sovereignty) and join us in the FIGHT for the survival of our familes, way of life, Republic, and free world.


#InItTogetherWorldWide #QAnon
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