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@Hickenlooper #COSen

#BlueWave2020đź’™John Hickenlooper is running for the U.S. Senate #Colorado seat currently occupied by Republican Cory Gardner.
This is a favorable race for us and another brick in the structure we’re meticulously building to take on
@Hickenlooper #COSen
and dismantle the corrupt enterprise McConnell has set up for himself & his party in Washington, & recapture control of the Senate in November just as we did the House in the #Midterms

"On the rockiest of foundations, great bridges have
@Hickenlooper #COSen
been built..." John Hickenlooper, from his memoir.

Pls Meet/RT/Follow/Volunteer for/Donate if you can to John @Hickenlooper ... 42nd Governor of Colorado, 43rd Mayor of Denver, scientist, and small business owner. And brewer. Can’t forget that!
He is a
@Hickenlooper #COSen
true public servant, but he wasn’t always in public office.
After graduating from Wesleyan University, John started off his career as a geologist. During an economic downturn he was laid off, and after considering various options for a career path, he
@Hickenlooper #COSen
ultimately decided to open a restaurant in Lower Downtown, a then-neglected warehouse district in Denver. The restaurant morphed into Colorado’s first brewpub which became a huge hit. From there John went on to start 7 more small businesses that employed
@Hickenlooper #COSen
hundreds of Coloradans.
In 1999, John led a grassroots campaign to keep the words “Mile High” on the Denver Broncos’ new taxpayer-financed stadium, words that the Broncos had planned to let a corporation remove. And he succeeded.
That event crystallized
@Hickenlooper #COSen
his natural ability to bring people together, and led to his decision to run his first campaign for elected office as Mayor of Denver in 2003.
He won in an unexpected landslide and went on to win a second term with 88% of the vote. During his eight-year
@Hickenlooper #COSen
tenure, he worked to expand mass transit, reduce crime, tackle climate change, & improve educational opportunities for Denver students.
In 2010 he ran for Governor of #Colorado & became the 2nd Denver mayor ever elected to Colorado governor.
He served 2
@Hickenlooper #COSen
terms bringing people together across the aisle &across the state to get things done, passing pioneering anti-pollution climate change measures & landmark gun safety laws, promoting infrastructure growth, &expanding Medicaid to nearly 400,000 Coloradans
@Hickenlooper #COSen

Should the people of #Colorado honor him w/their vote, John’s plan is to hit the ground running as soon as he’s in Washington, focusing on the priorities outlined in the graphics below, but also tackling the broader issues that are
@Hickenlooper #COSen
important to Coloradans’ everyday lives.
John has seen endorsements pour into his campaign from the moment he announced his run. From one of our presidential campaign stars @amyklobuchar to one of our #2018Midterm stars @RepJasonCrow to one of our
@Hickenlooper #COSen
political rising stars @staceyabrams to the Congressional Black Caucus PAC of Colorado to many others, his endorsements came from far and wide.

Join us in supporting John, and please visit his website http://hickenlooper.com  for more on his campaign

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