✨Finest kpop leaders a thread✨
Lee Sangyeon of The Boyz
Han Seungwoo of Victon/X1
Park Junhee of A.C.E
Lee Taeyong of NCT/SuperM
Choi Seungcheol of SVT
Park Jinwoo of Astro
Kim Hongjoong of Ateez
Lee Byounggon of CIX
Lee Geumhyuk of VAV
Kim Youngjo of Oneus
Kim Junmyeon of EXO
Im Jaebeom of Got7
Kim Namjoon of BTS
Bangchan from Skz
Bae juhyun from Red Velvet
Jung Dasol from BVNDIT
Shin Bora of Gugudan
Kim Minji of Dreamcatcher
Jo Haseul of Loona
Lee Saerom of Fromis_9
Kwon Eunbi of Iz*one
Park Jihyo of Twice
✨end of thread✨
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