BREAKING: We got our hands on the leaked questionnaire the Biden Campaign is using to vet women to be his VP.

Some of these questions are tough.
Question 1: Have I smelled your hair?
Question 2: Have I given you or one of your relatives an unsolicited hug, sniff, or kiss?

(This would already disqualify a lot of people.)
Question 3: Has your mother ever called into a cable TV show to talk about me?
Question 4: Please describe every time I have made you uncomfortable…
Question 5: Will you shield me from Tara Reade’s allegations that I sexually assaulted her?
Question 6: Will you sacrifice your #BelieveAllWomen principles to defend me against credible sexual assault allegations?
Question 7: How high are you willing to raise taxes on middle class American families?
Question 8: How would you feel about being called a lying dog-faced pony soldier?
Question 9: Joe Biden has pledged to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs in favor of the Green New Deal. How many would you be willing to sacrifice?
Question 10: While I was in your home state, did I ever forget what state I was in?
Question 11: Will you look the other way when foreign companies offer my son Hunter too-good-to-be-true business deals and high-paying, no-show jobs because of his last name?
The Biden campaign is asking for the confidential questionnaire to be returned to Biden’s basement.
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