Shadow Diplomacy: John Kerry's Meeting with Iranians in Paris Including Kamal Kharazi (May 12, 2018)
24 May 2020 - 2:23:14 PM

Welcome to the shadow presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.
5/14/2018: “Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations ...Kamal Kharrazi, denied claims that he recently attended secret talks with former US secretary of state John Kerry in Paris, saying he only met with former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.”
“In a statement released on Monday, Kharrazi’s office rejected as unfounded claims by Jason Osborne, a former adviser to US President Donald Trump”
“who said there are pictures of 3 Iranians who met with Kerry”
Here is Osborne’s tweet and the photos he posted.
Osborne posted another photo.
Posted 10:37 AM,5/12/2018.

“So John Kerry just left a meeting @ L’Avenue in Paris w/3 Iranians. A friend was sitting next to their table and heard JK blasting @realDonaldTrump. The Iranians had a 5 person security detail and left in diplomatic vehicles. Is he FARA registered?”
Response from David Wade (fmr Kerry chief of staff): “Total fiction.”

But Kerry was in Paris, said Politifact.


Politifact: “The claim rests on a former Trump adviser’s source who claimed to have eavesdropped on the conversation. However, we did not uncover definitive proof that a meeting went down.”
“Osborne, a former adviser to the presidential campaigns of Trump and Ben Carson, told PolitiFact his purported source began listening midway through Kerry’s conversation.”
Osborne to Politifact: “He [the source] had no idea who Kerry was meeting with but was annoyed about what he overheard so he started paying attention. Then he noticed the (diplomatic) cars and security when the folks left and realized they were Iranian."
Politifact couldn’t reach the source directly.
Is the man on the left John Kerry?

If it is, and he met with the Iranians, why is he lying about it?

If it is, and he was audiotaped, what’s on the audio?
This is Kerry from the back almost 4 years ago.
“John Kerry walks into door at No 10 Downing Street”
“Kerry Walks Historic Street in Moscow”
This is @netanyahu meeting with Kerry 10/22/2015.

Netanyahu talks about the terror Israel is experiencing.

Kerry says to go “beyond the condemnations and beyond the rhetoric.”

Look how Netanyahu looks at Kerry.
This is @netanyahu with @POTUS 1/27/2020. The Prime Minister is effusive in acknowledging and thanking the President for his leadership. He literally holds his heart.
On May 12, 2018, John Kerry secretly met with multiple representatives of terror regime Iran, spoke against President Trump, was overheard, and was photographed, and a coverup was put into place.
#QAnon told us THE SAME DAY AS KERRY’S MEETING WITH IRAN that the CIA [handler of Presidents] was using Iran as a cash cow and black ops [they will deny it] site

Qmap headline: “Iran Deal About New Business for EU & Black Ops Site for CIA”
That meeting was a business meeting with Macron’s [EU] blessing.
12 May 2018 - 10:53:26 PM

“Re_read crumbs re: Iran.
It was never about WW safety & security.
It was never about Nuclear disarmament.
It was about opening a new untapped market.
It was about securing a black site.
The ‘Exchange’.
Risk the welfare of the world.”
Organized/planned by BC/HRC.
Carried out by Hussein.
[remember HRC ran against Hussein]
U1 [donations to CF].
$1.7b in-cash transfer to Iran [4 routes][5 planes].
Did the total withdrawal actually depart EU?
Why EU?
Define bribe.
Define kickback.”
“Cross check Co’s against political + foundation payments.
Define bribe.
Define kickback.
Why are people panicking about Iran deal pullout?
Truth coming.
12 May 2018 - 10:57:30 PM

What CEOs have resigned post POTUS election?
Cross check against Co’s in Iran post deal.
You have more than you know.
Happy Hunting!
[Iran - China - Russia axis]
12 May 2018 - 10:57:31 PM
“They are freaking out because someone in Iran has threatened to name names of politicians in the west who took bribes to get the deal done. There is a Twat to that effect a couple breads ago”
Qmap headline: “Shady Details of Iran Deal Beginning to Leak”

12 May 2018 - 10:58:44 PM

“News beginning to leak.
Not new to Anons.
Future proves past.
Eyes on.

12 May 2018 - 10:58:20 PM
“nuke inspector quit”
- Anonymous

12 May 2018 - 11:04:40 PM
“Coincidence days after Iran deal withdrawal?
Corruption everywhere.”
So that is why Kerry met with Iran that day. It was an emergency meeting; it was a planning meeting; it was treason.
“On January 29, 2002—four months after 9/11, US Pres Bush gave his ‘Axis of evil’ speech,describing Iran, along w North Korea & Iraq,as an axis of evil & warning that the proliferation of long-range missiles developed by these countries constituted terrorism & threatened the US.”
“The notion of such an axis was used to pinpoint these common enemies of the United States and to rally the American populace in support of the War on Terror.”

“The speech caused outrage in Iran”
16 years later
Q, May 13, 2018 - the shadow “NSA”
What government?
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