Favorite female serial killer and serial killer cases thread: *gruesome*add to the thread if u know some)
Juana is actually one of the world's most dangerous women - assassin who murdered five men and then drank their warm blood before having sex with their decapitated bodies.
shot her husband to death. no motive! To divert suspicion, called the police and complained that her husband was shot to death by some invaders. Once help arrived, it was noticed that 'Nurse Darlene' had made no attempt to save her spouse as he bled to death.
Estibaliz Carranza
“Ice Cream Killer' , Carranza, a Spanish-Mexican ran an ice cream parlor and used that space to preserve the chopped up body pieces of her husband and lover. The husband was murdered in 2008
Juana Barraza

Strangled 16 elderly women were to death in Mexico City in 2005. forensic profilers believe Barraza’s killings were to release the rage she had towards her own alcoholic mother, who gave her away at age 12 to a man who abused her.
Jodi Arias
charged in the first-degree for slaying her ex-boyfriend, salesman Travis Alexander. He sustained multiple wounds, a slit throat, and a shot to the head. At trial, she testified that the act was committed in self-defense.
Amber Hilberling
charged in the second-degree for pushing her husband out of their apartment tower in Tulsa, OK. Joshua Hiberling perished after falling from the 25th-floor window to the roof of a parking garage 17 floors below. Amber was sentenced to 25 years.
Aileen Wuornos, who was working as a sex worker, was convicted and executed for the murders of six different men between December 1989 to November 1990. She confessed to shooting men who picked her up hitchhiking
Mary Bell
10 when she killed for the 1st time. She lured a 4 year old boy into an abandoned home & then strangled him to death with her hands. Her & Norma Bell then attacked a 3 year old cutting his flesh & mutilating his penis, and carving an "M" for "Mary" on his stomach.
Nannie Doss
Nannie Doss killed four of her five husbands, at least two children (and two other died of a suspicious "food poisoning"), her mother, her two sisters, and a mother-in-law. it wasn't until the death of her fifth husband that anyone became suspicious.
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