it's also funny seeing people say Damon was the toxic brother & undeserving of Elena when Stefan stalked, and would lie to her, and became an unequal match bc of his inconsistent character development. not a fan of Damon either but there's no need to lie.
Stefan literally tried to prove Elena was sired to Damon so he could be satisfied by the idea of her not truly loving Damon, not considering her feelings, respecting her choices, or at the very least, Damon's - and yet Damon is somehow the only toxic one.
Stefan was prepared to hide the fact that Elena is a doppelgänger of someone he was in love with for many years, and yet Damon is the only toxic one.
Stefan stalked Elena and strategically positioned himself so they'd meet and somehow he is the healthy, balanced figure. i can go on & on but abeg, he had the same flaws as Damon & that's completely the writers' fault. there was no good brother.
and i really do blame the writers for how everyone perceives Stefan because the sequence of his story was terribly sloppy. one minute he was 'good', the next he was out of line, and then it would be diluted by some backhanded sense of redemption. nothing was properly connected.
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