tharntype and 2gether are responsible for bringing in the toxic bl stans
unpopular opinion: sound effects can get annoying. i dont mind some every now and then but sometimes editors go overboard with it and they end up being distracting 😭
2gether wasn’t even that great of a series I don’t understand the hype and deep love for it
bl dramas should stop using miscommunication as a source for angst, it's getting old
tharntype had a trash plot and everyone kept excusing tharns behaviour because he had a ,, character development'' later on???? how does that make it okay for someone to force themselves onto someone that doesnt want them to????
i love mewgulf but i would rather drink bleach than admit that tharntype is a good bl drama
mewgulf is cute but tharntype is absolutely trash
waterboyy was a great series
people who go around saying they would never support romanticized rape but say theyre going to watch tharntype s2 and love by chance i just want to know yall the biggest hypocrites
modc wasnt that good :// it lacked plot wise and the only thing that made more attached was the sad ending + the weird age gap with the side couple nonono
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