I'm going to pin this thread about Rattlesnake venom, Honeybees and my dog Thor. So people learn about my experience.
Last summer my 2 dogs & I went out to have an exploration of the ranch, we went out by the river. Then passed by the bee hives that get put out by the alfalfa field. Unfortunately, both boys love people. So, as we went by the hives the boys went to say hello to the bee guys.
Bad idea that, the bees were irritated by the bee guys grubbing around in the hives that day. Unfortunately both boys received multiple stings.

Now, normally just bee stings wouldn't be a problem.

However, the honeybees had found the corpse of a prairie rattlesnake
I would have never known about this possibility before this incident.

Who knew honeybees could ingest venom from rattlesnakes and inject it along with their venom?

Because not even the Vets knew it was possible. Until Thor was brought in.
Here he is, after the incident...
Within an hour of the incident we were on our way to the Vets.

He couldn't stand, he was sh*tting blood. He was vomiting. It was a frightening experience!

Unfortunately, no one knew about the honeybees ability to drink & inject snake venom.
I didn't even get to say goodbye to him. 😢 My constant companion for 6 years...
Under 24 hours from the time it happened until he passed away 💔

A week later, the Vet ended up treating another dog who had the same symptoms as Thor.

2 vials of Antivenom & they still lost that dog.
So, I've made it something that I feel needs to be shared with people. So they understand that it's a possibility.

My Mr ended up picking up another dog for me. Depression was utterly brutal.

I couldn't imagine life w/o a companion.
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