But Missouri lifted its stay-at-home order two weeks ago, right? I get feeling angry about this, but I feel like the conversation should start with: what is being asked of them by their leaders (Trump on down)? https://twitter.com/markmobility/status/1264511798142799873
Of course, we have ethical obligations to each other that supersede laws, but those obligations have to be communicated and inculcated somehow. It seems likely these people are not embedded in communities where that's happening.
What appears unfathomably selfish to you, may not be experienced that way — or even conceivable as such — for others, where different ethical norms have been cultivated. Just something to keep in mind.
And of course, as always, it's to the advantage of those actually responsible for this disaster (political and corporate leaders) for us to redirect our anger horizontally. Try to resist the urge.
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