No matter how much Sidnaaz fans try to misrepresent #RashamiDesai in front of neutral audience, the truth is that she was not the only one who talked behind the back. Every contestant did. You dont talk about politics, sports & all in #BiggBoss. You talk about contestants & game.
#RashamiDesai did not purposely defame anyone. She only gave it back to those who mistreated & bullied her. Rashami, being a girl, frankly discussed some stuff of her personal life with her female friends. Thats not bitching or so. Thats what I, you & every other girl does.
#RashamiDesai inspite of being cheated by Arhaan, did not insult or mock him on the show. She could have used the opportunity for footage & bashed Arhaan. But she maintained dignity & without doing any tamasha, ended her relation with Arhaan. She is an inspiration to many women.
#RashamiDesai is a kind, soft-spoken person who even consoled & supported her biggest competitors when needed. She kept others above her. She kept her self respect above the game. Her niceness is often misunderstood as being sugar-coated but thats just how sweet & nice she is!
Rashami Desai's journey was an emotional roller coaster. But at the end of her journey, she discovered a #SolidWoman in herself. She realised that she should not trust people blindly. She started articulating her statments better. Her re-union with her mom was the best climax ❤
Without proofs, you keep accusing her of paid media articles, of spoiling career of XYZ. What if such baseless allegations are put on your fav?

If you have proofs then help the affected person & fight in the court of justice A real & true person isn't scared of anything.
You may call her cunning, double-faced, someone playing woman card etc. but that's just your perception.

Not the REALITY. Life is too short to keep hating & fighting. Rashami wnt be affected by your hate. But you're just bringing bad KARMA onto you.
#SpreadLove #SpreadPositvity
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