When liberals created contact tracing, did they think through potential consequences?

SPEAK UP to ensure they don’t get the enforcement powers proposed.

This video is from Canada about 2 years ago, but is it a preview of things to come for US?
Those who live in fear are often willing to trade real freedom for the illusion of security.

Trump will do his part. We must do ours. Pray often and speak up.
I was aware this was a mental health visit before I made this post.

It is deliberately presented to make people think about the consequences NOW of wether we allow police to be given authority to enforce contact tracing orders.

I said it was 2 years ago so obviously not COVID.
If you’re curious about more info on the background of this video, check this out.

But it doesn’t change the point of this thread. We must anticipate that allowing contact tracing enforcement will create new scenes like this one. 🙏
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