1) Comments from Zen Master on the Coulter defense of Sessions (which I wholeheartedly support):

2) "Sessions knew perfectly well that there would be an investigation over Trump and Russia before his confirmation in February 2017.
3) "Democrats were challenging electors based on Trump/Russia, for the love of God. Sessions should've immediately informed Trump of the DOJ regulation that required Sessions to recuse from an investigation of the campaign because of his involvement therein.
4) "He then should've offered to withdraw from consideration as AG. I'm sure Trump would've accepted when informed of the issue; hell, I bet Trump would've greatly appreciated Sessions honesty.
5) Sessions could've said, "Mr. President, I didn't know that there would be this investigation when you made me the offer, but I do now, and I don't want to sandbag you by recusing when I'm confirmed. I want to tell you now that I'll have to recuse . . . ."
5) contd . . . "so that you can act accordingly. I'd be happy to withdraw my name as the nominee." But Sessions didn't do this; instead, he kept quiet because he wanted a Cabinet position.
6) "*That* is why Trump is angry. Sessions didn't tell him any of this; he just took the job and then recused. The recusal decision had nothing to do with the picture of him and the Russian ambassador. Sessions admitted this; it had to do with the DOJ regulation."
7) That ends Zen Master's assessment. I will add this, which is just a refresher to many of you.

8) Even leaving "muh Russia" aside, Sessions was more than an incompetent failure. His inactivity on key issues bordered on Deep State collusion.
9) Initially he did not move to charge or indict Lois Lerner, who clearly broke the law by using the IRS to target individual Americans. It was Hoover-esque.

10) Even when it was obvious EARLY (March/April) that the fascist group so-called "antifa" were violent thugs . . .
10) . . . who should have been classified as a domestic terror group at worst and had their members arrested for civil rights violations at best, Sessions did nothing. He encouraged and perpetrated lawlessness against Trump supporters.

11) Trump knew vote fraud was an issue.
12) Soon after taking office he appointed Kris Kobach to head a vote fraud commission that, to function, needed to see voter registration lists from the states. Sanctuary States such as California and New York refused to comply with the order.

At the very least, . . .
12) contd . . . Sessions should have charged the Secs State of those states with failure to comply with federal orders and with perpetrating voter fraud unless they could prove otherwise. He did nothing.

The Kobach Commission had to close up shop because of lack of . . .
12) contd . . . compliance and cooperation from the states.

Can anyone seriously imagine Bobby Kennedy accepting such nonsense from racist southern governors or secretaries of state in civil rights cases?

13) After the mayors of San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities declared their cities "Sanctuary Cities" in defiance of all federal immigration law, Sessions had an obligation to arrest them and charge them with flagrantly violating federal immigration laws.
14) He (and his successor, Barrstool) did nothing, allowing these lawless cities to defy federal law.

Again, put this in the context of civil rights. Can anyone imagine an AG just sitting by while the mayor of, say, Birmingham declared it a "Sanctuary City" for the Klan?
15) Instead, what little energy Sessions applied to anything was to making vague threats about marijuana and to stopping Medicaid fraud. The latter is fine, but in no way does ANYTHING about the deeper corruption in our government.
16) So
*Sessions lied (by omission) to Trump about what his status as AG would be
*Handed the baton off to Rat Rosenstein who gave blanket authority to Mulehead to pursue ONLY Trump with the "Russia investigation"
*Offered to resign when it was too late in the cycle to get . . .
*contd. . . . anyone actually loyal to Trump confirmed.

(This is BIG: When Sessions "offered" to resign, it would have put Trump in a weaker position because Mulehead's illicit sting operation was already under way. In all likelihood it would have resulted in RR being AG.)
*In key areas of immigration enforcement, IRS criminality, vote fraud enforcement, and civil rights violations by antifa, Sessions did nothing.

But he did find time to have DOJ investigate the Charlottesville driver. Yeah, that was really a key federal job.
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