2. And if we can increase (b), (c), and (d) .... then (a) #SocialDistancing is not so necessary.

WITHOUT these standard #publichealth measures, we'll see new hot-spots emerge, watch infections & deaths balloon, & will be right back where we were in mid-March in the US.
3. We also know that if you're close to someone who's infected, inside, for a period of time, you too have a high risk of infection.

And... 1 selfish person, who goes out & about when ill, can get a lot of other people really sick :( https://twitter.com/meganranney/status/1262859388383084544
(....that's essentially it, folks. That's what we KNOW about the virus, its transmission, and its prevention.)
So where does that leave us?

1) Keep doing & funding science.
2) Insist that state & federal gov'ts increase testing so you can go back to work
3) Fund #Publichealth infrastructure
4) Until then... maintain masks & social distancing to keep yourself *and your community* safe
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