Watching Johnson. This is despicable. Parents all over this country have abided by the lockdown rules, even while ill themselves. Hundreds of thousands managed toddlers while shut up inside cramped accommodation, purely for the common good AS THE GOVERNMENT TOLD THEM TO DO.
Grieving families have been split, funerals have been unattended, the dying have been forced to say their farewells via iPads, because people obeyed the rules to protect the NHS & save lives, and Johnson stands there defending that utter fuckweasel Cummings.
This ‘you can bend the rules if you have particular childcare issues’ defence: in Cummings’ case, that was preferring not to look after his own kid. Single parents have been on lockdown for weeks. Nurses have isolated from their own families to protect them.
I can’t remember a clearer demonstration of contempt for the people from a sitting Prime Minister. Johnson might as well have shambled into shot, given us all the finger and walked off again.
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