Johnson starts with a false claim that Cummings had "no alternative". Overlooks his wife's family and other support in London.
Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his health policy for his political hack.
Good question from @Peston - sidestepped by Johnson, who makes up a new rule than people can travel to get the best childcare.
Gary Gibbon rightly points out that Cummings wasn't necessarily ill, didn't get childcare. Johnson misleadingly gurns a non-answer.
Johnson's repeated claim that the objective of driving hundreds of miles was to avoid spreading the virus treats us all as fools.
Johnson claims that Cummings isolated, ignoring the fact that he travelled with a family member carrying the virus.
Johnson repeats his false claim that Mary Wakefield isolated. She did not. She travelled across the country.
Johnson missing the point about undermining the lockdown, which Cummings' behaviour has obviously done. Many thousands of people, told to stay home and not see their families even if sick, stuck to the rules.
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