Remember the key text Page and Strzok exchanged about getting the "OCONUS LURES" approved.

That is going to come up soon.

An OCONUS lure is an intelligence operative tasked to make an approach to a suspected foreign agent.

OCONUS = Outside CONtinental United States
There's always paperwork.

There's always a paper trail.

We're going to learn WHO the specific OCONUS LURES were, who they were tasked to approach, and what kind of pitch they were briefed to make to the targets, to hopefully elicit what kind of response.
I have **long suspected** that rather than being a Russian agent out to recruit @GeorgePapa19, Professor Joseph Mifsud was actually an FBI OCONUS LURE, brought in, briefed and then pointed at the Trump campaign advisor.

Halper was also an OCONUS LURE sent at him.
Mifsud was sent at Papadopoulos to plant the fake offer of Russian help to the Trump campaign.

Then both Halper and Downer were sent at Papadopoulos to get him to REPEAT the offer while they recorded him.

And they couldn't get him to do it. 😏
Downer especially was so clumsy in his attempts to ask Papadopoulos leading questions about Russia while holding up his phone to record the conversation that he immediately raised George's suspicions.
A whole lot of people have this idea that George isn't very bright.

Andrew McCarthy makes it clear in his book "Ball of Collusion" he thinks both Papadopoulos & Carter Page are kinda dumb.

I don't make that mistake.

Papadopoulos instincts are certainly good.
He smelled a rat with Downer and later when he was just handed $10,000 before taking a flight, he made sure he ditched it before getting on the plane and to this day nobody knows where that $10,000 is or where he stashed it.
The FBI agents that intercepted him at the airport were surprised Papdopoulos did not have the money on him.

Someday he's going to reveal where that $10,000 is.

When he's good and ready.

Page also is about to play an important role in all of this.
Like Papadopoulos, Page had intel operatives sent at him to make approaches and to try to get him to say certain things.

Notice now that it's all come out, professional operatives were unable to elicit anything from Page or Papadopoulos that could be used against them.
The transcripts of Halper's secret recordings with both men are kind of hilarious to read.

He keeps trying to lead them into talking about Russia, especially endlessly boasting to PapaD about how many top cool Russians he knows, he knows so many Russian intel people!
But despite the fact that Halper and Mifsud and Downer and Azra Turk & so on are involved in intelligence work, they can't get either PapaD or Carter Page to make an actual incriminating statement.

In face, PapaD outrightly tells Halper that being a Russian agent = treason.
Had PapaD simply **repeated** the offer Mifsud made to him, and said he'd related the offer to anyone else in the Trump campaign, the Crossfire Hurricane team would have used THAT to get their FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

But they couldn't get him to say it.
Had Carter Page ever even hinted he'd been approached by Russians with an offer to help the Trump campaign, the FBI would have made those statements by Page the basis for the FISA warrant application.

Instead, because Page never said anything incriminating...
...these dirty cops were FORCED to go with the Steele Dossier.

They can't get these guys to say anything they can use on tape with Halper & Downer recording.

So they have to go with the 2nd/3rd hand stories from the Steele Dossier.
The FBI wasted MONTHS coordinating and bringing in and tasking OCONUS LURES to send at these two 'idiots' to record them and catch them saying incriminating things but the 'morons' wont' cooperate by actually SAYING anything incriminating.

It's now August 2016.

They had Steele's stuff way earlier than they say they did. Why'd they only resort to using it in the FISA warrant in late August?

Because from around Feb to Aug of 2016, they were HOPING their OCONUS LURES were going to get something on tape.

And they never did.
That's why they hurriedly throw together a warrant application using Steele's Dossier as the main 'evidence' that Carter Page is a Russian agent.

You know, the guy who had just helped the CIA **send a Russian spy to prison**.

And the CIA **told them** Page was their asset.
The Steele Dossier was always a last resort. They held it back for a long time, hoping the OCONUS LURES were going to get incriminating tape that never materialized.

So now they only have about a month and a half to the election.
They **knew** the bullshit in this dossier was not going to stand up to even the most basic kinds of scrutiny.

So they took no effort themselves to verify the information and they hid from the court that the CHS supplying this information to the FBI was a Clinton operative.
They hid from the court that the Crossfire Hurricane team hadn't even interviewed Steele's main sub source for this info that Carter Page was a Russian agent before submitting the application.

They hid from the court the CIA had told them IN WRITING Page was a CIA asset.
What they did to Page ripped the lid off the huge scandal of the fact the FISA Court long ago became pretty much a rubber stamp for surveillance warrants on US citizens.

When DOJ IG Horowitz & his crack investigators looked at 20+ other FISA cases, guess what they found?
Not ONE of the cases his office reviewed followed the rules laws and procedures concerting FISA cases.

Not a single one.

Much to Horowitz's horror, FOUR of the cases he looked at didn't even have the legally required Woods file.
And remember, these are cases where the FISA Court **granted the warrant**.

Who are these four other American citizens that ended up being spied on by the US gov't when the agents handling that case didn't even bother with the pretense of a Woods file?

I want to know!
These two guys did nothing wrong and they were targeted and accused of being traitors to their country.

I really admire the way George flipped the script on the SpyGate plotters. He's supposed to have been an easily disposable patsy.

But he keeps coming back.
Carter Page has also flipped the script the SpyGate plotters wrote for him.

So has General Flynn.

And Svetlana Lokhova.

The truth is in the process of setting all of the real victims of SpyGate free.
Halper just got @RealSLokhova's publisher to cancel her book about how he smeared her as a Russian agent to discredit @GenFlynn.

He **still** thinks he can keep the truth from coming out.

But he's wrong.

He can't stop what's coming.
All these slimy people and what they did to their innocent targets is going to be fully aired out to the public this year.

More evidence will emerge, and soon Durham & about a dozen other US Attorneys are going to start showing their work.
Gonna be a fun summer!

Sweet dreams all you OCONUS LURES out there!


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