1. 9/11 was an inside job.
The Titanic was an inside job.
Roswell was an inside job.
The Las Vegas shooting was an inside job. (who gets that many guns anyway, instead of just obtaining more magazines?)
Casey Anthony sold her kid to ritual abusers/human traffickers.
2. The Ft Lauderdale shooter was a victim of MK Ultra
CPS sells your kids to human traffickers. (try to locate them)
The woman who created Amber Alert was a human trafficker.
Bohemian Grove.
The Finders Cult.
Podesta emails.
Where is all of Tesla's technology?
13 families.
3. Y2K.
Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies to put into vaccines.
Hospitals selling your babies' foreskin.
Churches being tax exempt (pedophile central) taking your money when their churches are made of gold.
4. Taking the lead out of our pencils not for our safety but to convert it into gold via the Hadron collider. CERN's mascot.
Birth certificate (birth meaning water) and maritime law.
Lifelog. (facebook)
Mark Zuckerberg is a fake name.
5. Plenty of fake names, plenty of fake histories.
Celebs that have pretended to be one gender our entire lives while actually being the opposite. (they're not hiding it with good intentions, I can tell you that)
Private-public partnerships [define].
NXIVM and Fiji.
6. Saudi Arabia.
Zero gravity.
440 hz is terrible for you and deters harmony.

The truth is always hidden right in front of your eyes.
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