No one on medtwitter is famous guys no matter what they say

I want every single person to know your voice matters

I’m here to hear the everyday person’s experience in the world & in healthcare

I come on here to read the interesting articles,new studies, observations & jokes
Everyone deserves to be here

Everyone matters

Don’t get caught up on the bullshit

Because it’s just that..BS

So lurk, join in, do whatever but don’t let anyone feel like you should not be here or that you do not matter

Ppl will notice when the real ppl leave so please don’t
The loudest self promoters may make a lot of noise, but in my opinion they in no way represent medtwitter

no matter how much they may want to make u think they do 🙄

Don’t be discouraged by the BS & toxicity

Stay true to you, engage with sincerity & respect

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