Who is really heading Maharashtra ?
HM @AnilDeshmukhNCP ji last evening tweets "It’s extremely ill-advised to reopen airports...will add COVID stress to Red zone"
Defying all logic since trains, shramik specials, buses are already coming in and out of Mumbai every day ! (1/4)
Today afternoon Hon. @CMOMaharashtra Uddhav Thackeray ji communicates with the MOS Civil Aviation @HardeepSPuri ji that MIAL needs time to prepare and that only flights that are purely emergent in nature should be allowed to and from Maharashtra (2/4)
Today evening NCP National Spokesperson & Cabinet Minister @nawabmalikncp ji contradicts @CMOMaharashtra, says that Maharashtra Government has agreed to allow 25 take offs and 25 landings every day for domestic flights from Mumbai starting tomorrow.(3/4)
I do understand this is a Government of compromise, but doesn't the #MVA realise that the lack of leadership, the maladministration in the past 60 days, the Zero-Communication, Zero-Coordination, Self Serving approach is compromising lives of lakhs of citizens of Maharashtra ?
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